Sunday, December 15, 2019

365: Cat Herders Day

December 15 is Cat Herders Day. Cat Herders Day recognizes people whose life or job is like herding a clowder of cats.

I didn't even have to ask Jude to act differently to celebrate Cat Herders Day already. As the days go by, Jude gets more and more toddler-y, and I spend most of my day feeling like I'm herding a cat.

Before 10am this morning Jude..

  1. threw heavy blocks at me
  2. tried to throw himself off of the changing table during a diaper change
  3. screamed because the giant monkey wouldn't sit exactly how he wanted it to, but he didn't want help
  4. somehow managed to put my croc in the toilet without noticing
  5. tried to run up the stairs 20 times
  6. asked for goldfish and then fed each one to the dog individually while looking at me to gauge my reaction
Cheers to all of the moms out there feeling like cat herders day in and day out. Solidarity! 

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