Saturday, November 23, 2019

365: Wolfenoot

November 23 is Wolfenoot. Wolfenoot is a holiday, created by a 7 year old, that celebrates canines, kindness, and humans who embrace both. This is the second year that Wolfenoot has been celebrated. The whole idea of the holiday is that the Wolf Spirits come hide little gifts for people around the house. The people that are kinds to dogs (and wolves) get more gifts. You eat a cake on Wolfenoot that looks like a full moon, and you take the day to be extra kind to dogs.
Jude ate some full moon cake at our friend Megan's house, and we honored her dog, Lupo, with a whole lot of pets. It was a good reminder to Jude that we are kind to all animals, not just our own. Jude happily ate the cake and gave a lot of good, gentle pets to Lupo! This holiday is one I hope we celebrate every year!

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