Wednesday, November 20, 2019

365: Universal Children's Day

November 20 is Universal Children's Day. The day is dedicated to the improvement of child welfare around the world. It’s also around to promote togetherness in children.

We spent Universal Children’s Day having a “yes day”. If you are unfamiliar with a yes day, it’s just like it sounds. You say yes to everything the child wants to do (unless it’s dangerous, obviously). We were with the Cousin Crew this afternoon, so it was a yes day with five kids. It was a lot but we had tons of fun. Below is a photo walk through our yes day.
Yes to being physically touching me almost all of Tinkergarten
Yes to Monopoly Jr.
Yes to standing on his chair to do his posting activity
Yes to playing with beads
Yes to helping me color the tubes
Yes to painting 
Yes to even more painting
Yes to big family dinner (at Jude's favorite restaurant)
Yes to reading the same book for the eighth time
Not pictured: Jude getting munchkins at Dunkin', Athena and Lincoln playing with slime, Jake "playing" Monopoly Jr. with us. 

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