Monday, November 11, 2019

365: Origami Day

November 11 is Origami Day. Origami is the ancient art of paper folding, often associated with Japanese culture. 18 months is a little young to be doing full blown origami, but we decided to start dabbling in it with a play tray.
The play tray had three types of paper pieces in it. All of them were cardstock.

  1. Unfolded, cut paper
  2. Pre-folded. then unfolded paper
  3. Origami shapes (I made this and this during Jude's nap) 
The idea behind having each type was scaffolding the art of origami. Jude started by exploring the pre-folded paper because it was the easiest to fold. Then he moved onto the unfolded paper. Ultimately, he ended with the origami I made. The envelope had a special message in it, so I encouraged him to open it. 
The set up was extremely easy. Just collect the three types of paper pieces and offer them to your child and let them explore! For older children, you could offer instructions on how to make something easy. For younger, you can just offer them the paper and let them play around with it! 

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