Tuesday, November 26, 2019

365: Cake Day

November 26 is Cake Day. Since we are eating very little sugar in our family, we opted to make a pretend cake to play with in lieu of making a real one.
The activity was really simple and amused Jude for about an hour, an impressive feat these days. We were able to do it with materials we already had, and I can imagine this being a great rainy day activity. 

Tin Playdoh Cake

1. Cookie tin 
2. Play doh 
3. Any tools you can find that might be fun. We used a wax seal stamp, play doh hammer, a toilet paper roll, and a Tigger peg doll. 

1. Model rolling the dough out and sticking it on the tin. 
2. Model using the tools (if needed) 
3. Parallel play with the toddler, only moving to cooperative play if the toddler initiates 
4. Add some extra tools (we used the toilet paper roll for this) and let the toddler discover them at their own pace. 
I have noticed a lot of success in parallel playing with Jude until he prompts us to play together. When I was jumping right into cooperative play, I was taking charge of the play instead of letting Jude guide us. It’s the old teaching adage of being a “guide on the side” rather than a “sage on the stage”. I’m here to support Jude’s play rather than running it!

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