Tuesday, October 22, 2019

365: Smart is Cool Day

October 22 is Smart is Cool Day. We are firm believers that the coolest people are the ones that like to explore, create, and use their brains. For the holiday, we decided to try something new that was science-y, fossil digging.
In Sharonville, just a little bit north of Cincinnati, there is a place called Trammel Fossil Park. It was an area in the industrial park that was graciously donated to provide a free place for people of all ages to come look at and collect fossils. Any fossils you find at Trammel can come home with you for free! 
If you are a regular reader, you know that there’s not much that I find age inappropriate for Jude as far as play and exploration goes. We are happy to try new things to push what the world says a 1.5 half year old can do. With that said, Jude was a little too young for the fossil park. There are a lot of sharp rocks and inclines that aren’t friendly to a newly walking toddler. Jude did have fun, but there were definitely some stressful moments for both of us when he couldn’t go where he wanted to go without tripping. I think 3+ is probably appropriate for the fossil park. I may try again in a year with Jude. The two important criteria for maximum fun are 1. your child can walk really well and 2. your child isn’t a flight risk (it’s hard to chase a toddler on the terrain). 
Despite all of that, Jude and I had a pretty good time. We dug a little bit to find some fossils. There were even fossils that were at the top that were accessible without digging. Jude liked putting the rocks in the bucket and trying to carry the heavy bucket around. It was also really fun for me to hold fossils in my hand! It made me feel pretty smart, which is pretty cool! 

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