Friday, October 4, 2019

365: Improve Your Office Day

October 4 is Improve Your Office Day. The entire world is Jude's office, but more specifically I would say the playroom is truly Jude's office. It's where he learns, plays, and prefers to spend him time. We have been working on extending the playroom for the last few weeks, so we took this holiday as an opportunity to finish up! Below you will find a tour of our (mostly) finished and extended playroom.

Original Playroom (modified)

Reading Corner

Our Nugget Comfort couches live in the Reading Corner. They are often thrown around the room to climb and play with, but at the end of the day, they end up back here. Jude and Jay read a lot on the Nugget in the morning, so we reset the area every night. A small bookshelf is near the Nugget. We fill that with Jude's favorite three or four books from each playroom rotation. Jude also has access to other books throughout his playroom, and he will often bring them into the reading corner. 

Art Area

The Art Area is home to Jude's art table, the DIY magnet board, and spots to clip artwork. The ELAJSJ stand for Elizabeth, Lincoln, Athena, Jacob, Sean, Jude. The original intention was to allow them a special place to put their own artwork. It hasn't been working out like I had hoped, so I likely will be switching those letters to CREATE instead. We don't have many high shelves in the playroom because we want Jude to have access to his things as often as possible. There are a few thing, however, that he doesn't need to be getting into. That's what is sitting on the top shelf.

Play Corner 

This area was originally the baby area. Jude spent most of his time in this corner when he was under 6 months. Now, it holds our piker triangle and bilibos. We also have the sensory boards that I made for Jude before he was born. For more information about those, visit our original playroom post.

Silk Wall

This section of playroom serves at this point to hold our Sarah's Silks. Jude likes to touch them as they hang and pull them down. I like how they look, so it's been like this for a little while.

Toy/Book Cubes

I try to rotate Jude's toys every 2-3 weeks, and these shelves are where the rotating toys and books land. I have been making an effort to set up a small world area on top of the front shelf. It's a little tall for Jude, but Jude will climb up on his balance board to play. I will write a more in depth post soon about the pros of rotating toys. These shelves also hold a couple of our permanent toys: Grimms counting blocks, rings, and rainbow.

 Playroom Extension 

The Creighton Fresh Market

This is hands down Jude's favorite section of the playroom. The Melissa and Doug FreshMart has a scanner that beeps, and Jude could spend an hour just playing with that alone. He has also used his kitchen daily since he got it for his birthday in May. The Welcome Sign was made using the picture Jude made for Doodle Day and some dry-erase markers. I love how I will be able to change the sign up whenever I want!

Dress Up Corner

This section is filled to the brim with different dress up clothes and their accessories. I have the mirror to the side for children to have an extra space to check out their outfits.

Car Corner

Here you will find Jude's train/Lego table. Some of Jude's many cars are used as a functional decoration piece, and we keep Jude's ride on toys here when the playroom is straightened up.

(Unfinished) Sensory Table/Bins, Dollhouse

We are going to be mounting the bins to the wall soon. They hold fillers for Jude's sensory bottles and bins. The Flisat Table will eventually have a different sensory activity in it every few weeks. I will rotate it at the same time I rotate the toys. I also have a beautiful crocheted solar system that needs to be hung up!

In a not pictured small section, we have Jude's dollhouse. I don't love it there though, so it is floating around some. 
If you have any questions about the playroom, feel free to leave a comment here or reach out on Facebook!

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