Thursday, October 10, 2019

365: Cake Decorating Day

October 10 is Cake Decorating Day. We took a more pretend play approach to cake decorating by decorating play doh cakes.
Yesterday during Nature Walk Wednesday, Jude collected objects that he deemed fit to put in his nature bag. I like to think that there was a rhyme or reason to it, but it mostly just seemed random on my end. We used those objects today to decorate our play doh cake. It seemed like a good way to make use of the nature objects.
It took just a tiny bit of modeling because Jude pretty quickly realized that he could stick the nature objects into the play doh to make it look different. Jude spent about 20 minutes sticking sticks, leaves, and grass into the play doh. He occasionally pulled off the object and admired the mark it left in the doh.
It was a quick and easy way to spend the holiday and to eat up a little time before dinner! We will be adding play doh cake decorating to our "fill a half hour" list.

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