Monday, October 7, 2019

365: Architecture Day

October 7 is Architecture Day. Building with blocks is an important part of child development. Building with blocks also feels like it's the architecture of the toddler world, so Jude and Q played with building blocks today to celebrate.
There are many benefits to block building. According to an NAEYC article, here are ten things that children learn from block play.
1. problem solving
2. imagination
3. self-expression
4. mathematics
5. continuity and permanence
6. creativity
7. science
8. self-esteem
9. social and emotional growth
10. development in all area
These are just a few of the many reasons that I like Jude to build with blocks as often as possible. We used Picasso Tiles and Grimm's Large Counting Blocks. Jude is getting better and better about stacking. He also loves when we make ramps! Jude loves to build. We may have a little architect on our hands!

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