Sunday, September 29, 2019

365: Rivers Day

September 29 is Rivers Day. We are lucky enough to be within 15 minutes of the great and mighty Ohio River, so we took our celebration down there today.
Smale Park is right on the riverfront in downtown Cincinnati. We parked and played for a little bit there. It is home to a few playscapes, a flying pig that you can ride in, and giant foot chimes. There are also gardens, walking paths, and fountains. 
After we let Jude play for a little bit, we took a walk near the river. We chatted a little bit about rivers, and I spit some fun facts to Jude about the Ohio River. Like, did you know that the Ohio River is owned more by Kentucky than Ohio based on the state line? 
We also took a short walk on the Roebling Bridge. There’s a pedestrian path. There is not a full fence between the path and the road though, so if you are planning on walking it with a little one, it’s probably better to either hold them or push them in a stroller. 
It was a nice afternoon to visit the Ohio River. While it was quite hot, the holiday helped us spend some family time together in the great outdoors!

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