Wednesday, September 11, 2019

365: Kindness Day
September 11 is Kindness Day. Kindness Day began as a holiday in 2017. While it’s still pretty small scale, I started the holiday at the high school I was working at. 9/11/17, other than being the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, was also the 1 year anniversary of one of my student’s deaths. That first anniversary to tip my hat to his short but powerful time on this earth, I instituted kindness day. Kindness Day started as an activity where students were instructed to write a letterto someone  unexpected that made a difference in their lite. It could be a teacher, staff member, or other student. Since then, the holiday exists just to show kindness in any form.
Today, the recipients of Jude and my kindness were Katie and Quinn. Katie has done a lot for me in the last year. She has held me up when I haven’t had the strength to do it on my own. She has supported me in all my endeavors. And most importantly, she has loved Jude like he was her own. Words cannot express my gratitude toward her. Since we wanted to be kind, we took Katie and Quinn out to lunch. It felt good to be kind.
We at Chicka Chicka Mama hope that this day and everyday, you take the time to appreciate the unsung heroes in your life. Tell them you appreciate them. Showthem kindness. Kindness can change the world. 

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