Wednesday, September 25, 2019

365: Comic Book Day

September 25 is Comic Book Day. Jude comes from a long line of comic book, superhero loving nerds. Comic books are inevitable in Jude’s future, so I figured there was no time like the present to get his collection started.
We try to shop local as often as possible, so we headed to Up Up & Away Comics in Cheviot. Cheviot is less than 10 minutes from us. It's a small little town on the west side that has a lot of local charm. Up Up & Away did not disappoint with this charm. It had its own parking lot, which is a big win for Cheviot. The inside is colorful and clean. There is a large selection of comics as well as Legos,  Funko Pops, and collectable toys.
The gentleman working, whose name I unfortunately didn't get, was kind to Jude and tolerant of his toddler antics. Jude has been in quite a mood lately, so he spent a lot of the time doing laps around the store carrying around a Super Troopers Funko Pop. I eventually was able to corral him to the young reader's section. The young reader's section was a shelving fixture with comics and books on both sides geared toward a younger crowd. There were many different types of comics: Frozen, Goosebumps, Duck Tales, and Star Wars stood out to me. Jude and I worked together and picked out a Looney Tunes comic. It was priced well, and Jude liked the pictures.
Other than a large range of products, one of the best parts about Up Up & Away was the visually stimulating decor. There was large wall made of Legos themed for Green Lantern. There was a giant Hulk cardboard cut out. There were posters and toys for purchase around the store. It was those little touches that made it a place that we will definitely return to.

For more information about Up Up & Away comics, visit their website here.

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