Wednesday, August 7, 2019

365: Peaches Month

August is Peaches Month. For our August 7 holiday, we decided to celebrate that instead of a daily holiday.
Jude and I found a little farmer's market in Kirkwood, MO to get some local peaches. The entire place had the best vibe. It was filled with local fruits, vegetables, meat, and canned goods (salsas, pickles, etc). There was a train track close enough that Jude and I were able to take a beat to watch a big train go by. Not to mention, the absolutely beautiful little seating area that we were able to utilize to eat our peaches. It is a must-go if you are in St. Louis. Here is a link for more information about it.
The aisles were big enough that Jude was able to walk by pushing the stroller around. He stopped every once in a while to check out some low lying items. This curiosity is how we ended up with a couple of small jars of homemade jams. I let Jude pick out one peach for each of us. Jude had not had fresh peaches before but he was so ready to eat one that I had to stop him from eating it before we weighed and paid for it.
After watching the train, which was amazing, we checked out. I plopped Jude right up on the counter and had him pass the cashier our credit card. I try to do this as often as possible to help Jude go through different social processes.
We ate our peaches in their seating area. I let Jude sit alone in a chair, and I could tell that he felt so big being allowed to sit alone in an adult sized chair. I was mind blown by how much Jude liked his peach. He spit out every bit of the skin, but he ate 3/4 of the inside of his peach before it tragically fell in the dirt.
While we ate, Jude watched some cars pass, an excavator dig, and a truck unload. We chatted about the sounds and purposes of each vehicle. It was the best peach eating date I have ever had!

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