Tuesday, July 23, 2019

365: Sprinkles Day

July 23 is Sprinkles Day. Sprinkles are fun in cupcakes. Sprinkles are fun on ice cream. Sprinkles are also fun to play with!
Last week, I made resin sprinkle letters for Jude. I took those, a small bowl of leftover sprinkles, and a dry paintbrush and let Jude play.
Jude enjoyed "painting" the sprinkles. As the sprinkles moved around, they would show the bottom of the bowl, which Jude liked. It was a neat way for him to explore cause and effect. He also liked moving the letters from the ground to the bowl and stirring them. As Jude gets older, we will practice shapes and letters in a similar way, but for now, I just let him explore the sprinkles on his own.

Sprinkle Letter Play

1. resin letters (or just magnetic or foam letters would work!)
2. sprinkles
3. small flat container
4. paint brush

1. Pour sprinkles into the bowl
2. Let the child explore the materials!
3. Potential activities: (1) practice writing letters using the resin letters as a guide (2) draw shapes and identify them (3) free paint (4) bury the letters in the sprinkles and have the child find them.

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