Tuesday, July 16, 2019

365: Snake Day

July 16 is Snake Day. To pay homage to our slithery friends, we did an activity I have named Animal Stomp. It is a simple activity that promotes gross motor skill development and also works with mimicking animals sounds. Since it was snake day, we made sure to slither around and hiss like snakes. 
Animal Stomp
1. Either come up with animals in advance or ask children to name animals. 
2. Direct them to move like the animal. If they seem uncertain, ask guiding questions to help them hypothesize how the animal would move (ex. where do they live? What other animal are they like? Do they have wings/tails/legs?)
3. Give the group time to wiggle out all their energy and prompt them to make the noise of the animal while they do that. 
4. Do as many animals as you see fit! 
This activity was great for the cousin crew. We have a variety of ages (14 months - 7 years old). Doing the Animal Stomp allowed all of the kids to express themselves to the best of their ability. They also got moving and it was a great way to stomp some energy out! 

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