Sunday, July 14, 2019

365: Shark Awareness Day

July 14 is Shark Awareness Day. To celebrate, we did a small parts play-doh tray dedicated to shark.
I made play-doh for one of Jude's bored boxes last month, so I was able to use some of that batch for this activity. Jude enjoyed feeling the dough. We talked about sharks, their habitats, and what they eat.

Shark Small Parts Tray Activity

1. play doh
2. small plastic sea creatures
3. shells
4. magnet sharks
5. s, h, a, r, k letters
6. play doh tool

Potential Activities: 
1. stamp the letters into the dough
2. create a sea habitat for the creatures
3. stamp the shells on the dough
4. create a scene with the magnetic sharks

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