Friday, June 7, 2019

6 Bored Boxes for Toddlers

We will be traveling to Oak Island, NC from Cincinnati, OH this weekend and then back again the following weekend. Jude has been on quite a few long car rides, but this is the first long car ride that he will be awake and craving something to amuse him. To combat inevitable toddler boredom, I created six "bored boxes" for Jude to help us through the more fussy times. These are the boxes we used, and their contents are broken down below. I will also provide potential activities, but honestly, the play activities are endless. I will link all that I can, please know that I benefit in no way from linking the products. I just know how much I appreciate it when the contents are linked.

Bored Box #1: Clip Clip Boom

Contents: animal chip clips, clothes pins

Potential activities:
1. Clip the chip clips/clothes pins onto the side of the container. (the animal ones are a little hard to open for baby hands)
2. Pull the clips off of the size of the box.
3. Transfer the clips from one container to another (any container will do)
4. Make the animal noises, discuss color, discuss animals.
5. Shake the box to make music.

Bored Box #2: Velc-WHOA

Contents: velcro strips, popsicle sticks, finger puppets

Directions: Take the velcro and stick it to the underside of the tray insert. Stick the other pieces to different objects and place them in the bottom part of the container.

Potential activities:
1. Create a small name puzzle with popsicle sticks to help with name recognition and create a little puzzle.
2. Stick and unstick the popsicle sticks and enjoy the sound.
3. Create scenes with the finger puppets by putting them on the sticks and using the box as a stage.

Bored Box #3: Absolutely Magnetized

Contents: magnet tape, assorted magnets (I used these and these)

Directions: Superglue the magnet tape to the underside of the tray insert.

Potential activities:
1. Use letters and have child spell name (or spell it for them).
2. Stick and unstick the magnets (it's great fine motor practice!)
3. Talk about colors as the child holds up the magnets.

Bored Box #4: As Far as the Eye Can Sea

Contents: taste-safe playdoh (I used this recipe), little sea creatures, a rolling pin

Potential activities:
1. Roll out the dough and create an ocean with the animals
2. See what kind of marks the animals make on the dough
3. Make shapes out of the dough
4. Just feel and play with the dough
5. Play with the animals, talk about who they are and where they live.

Bored Box #5: Sticky Stick Stick

Contents: Post-Its, neon labels, Frog Tape, tabs, notecards

Potential activities:
1. Stick the contents to the lid and unstick them
2. Stick the contents to each other and unstick them
3. Stick the contents to postcards and unstick them

Bored Box #6: Treasure Box

Contents: Color Paddles, square of felt, scrunchie, fishnet glove, Frog Tape, plastic sunglasses, streamer

Potential activities:
1. Match the colors to the paddle
2. Explore different textures.
3. Take the items out of the box and put them in a different box.

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