Saturday, June 8, 2019

365: World Oceans Day

May 8 is World Oceans Day. It's also Best Friends Day. It's truly serendipitous that both of these holidays should fall on day because it is the start of our beach week with our best friends!
After a long day of travel, 12 hours to be exact, we finally made it to Oak Island, North Carolina. If you are interested in how I kept a 1 year old busy for 12 hours without technology, click here. Jay's family has been going to Oak Island for 40 years! This is Jude's second time at the beach, but the first time he will actually get to enjoy it. Last year when we went, Jude was only two weeks old!
We all spent some time on the beach with our best friends to celebrate the day. We hope you enjoy our special beach edition of 365 holidays this week.

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