Sunday, June 30, 2019

365: Social Media Day

June 30 is Social Media Day. Social Media is such a large part of life today. I wanted to spend Social Media Day tipping our hats to some of the most inspirational social media accounts that influence us at Chicka Chicka Mama. To do this, I picked 3 of my favorite accounts, and Jude and I did play activities from each of their accounts.
1. Play at Home Mummy (@play_at_home_mummy)

This is my favorite instagram page. Emma does an amazing job outlining educational play for her girls. I have pulled time and time again from her activities. She is a must follow.

For this painfully hot day, we decided to do Emma's Pom Pom Soup activity. It was a nice way to cool off. I modified it a bit into a Pom Pom Pool. I offered Jude a few smaller containers and his sensory tools to play with and let him lead his play. Linc and Jude filled up containers with pom poms, tossed them at each other, and used the tools to pick them up.

2. Playful Little Learners (@playfullittlelearners)

I spend a lot of time doing Amy's activities and scrolling her beautiful rainbow feed. I'm actually part of her Play Squad, and I get a lot of really amazing play tips from her. She has four kids pretty close in age, runs the Play Squad, and runs a 1 and 2 year old sensory class. She is a wealth of information.
Since we were already outside for Pom Pom Soup, I went ahead and made Easy Concrete Paint. Jude loves a good mess, so this activity was just perfect for Jude. Linc and Jude played together by spreading it all over the ground. I offered cut up sponges with the paint but it was absorbing too much of the paint, so they used their hands instead.

3. Playtime with the Henshalls (@play.time.with.the.henshalls)

This is a newer account we follow, but Tara has a lot of taby ideas (the space between when they are a baby and a toddler/12-18 month range) that we like. We actually did two of her projects today.
The first one was the a threading activity. We used our wooden rings and Sarah's play silk  instead of bangles because that is what we had on hand. Jude much preferred pulling them off the scarves to putting them on the scarf. Either way, I appreciated his fine motor practice.
The other activity we did was a Noisy Drop activity. Jude enjoys pulling balls in the PVC pipes at tumbling, so I thought this would for sure be a slam dunk. Since Jude likes to keep me on my toes and remind me to go with the flow, he decided to change up this activity. He pulled the cardboard rolls down, played with the tape, and carried them up the pilker triangle. I prefer to be a guide on the side rather than a sage on the stage (as we used to call it in the high school I worked at), so I let him play how he wanted and he had a great time.

These are just a few of the many pages that we draw inspiration from! We hope you check them out!

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