Monday, June 10, 2019

365: Iced Tea Day
 June 10 is Iced Tea Day. We enjoyed sipping on some iced tea (non-caffeinated for Jude). That didn't feel like enough of a celebration, so I decided to take the kid crew and make some "mermaid iced tea" as a way to interact with the beautiful nature around us. Mermaid Iced Tea
1. Talk to the kids about how today you will be making mermaid iced tea. If you are not by a body of water, it could be fairy or gnome iced tea.
2. Let the kids brainstorm what they think the mermaids would like in their tea. What is the most magical? What do they think mermaids enjoy? Why?
3. Go on a hunt for supplies. We had sand buckets, so we adventured around and collected materials.
4. Spread out your collections. Ask the kids why they grabbed what they did. Was it the color? The shape?
5. Instruct them to get a quarter bucket of water (we used ocean water, but any water will do).
6. Make up silly instructions after they mix their materials in (ex. whisper a secret to the tea, blow it a kiss, stir it 6 times to the left and 4 to the right)
7. Leave it out for the mermaids to enjoy!
To get Jude involved, I offered materials and let Jude choose which ones to put in his bucket. This gave him a way to have fun and make the tea without the need to walk around searching.

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