Wednesday, June 26, 2019

365: Great Outdoors Month

June is Great Outdoors Month, so for the June 26th holiday, we decided to take our celebrations outdoors. It's been a while since I made a favorite things list, so this post will be a list of my favorite things to do outside with my 1-year old in Cincinnati!

1. Go to the park

We are west-siders through and through. We travel around Cincinnati to visit friends and do activities,  but when I can help it, we stay close to home. Our favorite west-side park (and probably park period) is West Fork Park in Monfort Heights.

The park is inclusive and accessible. There is a small shaded area. They have a beautiful colored maze, a zipline, and a tall climbing and slide area. Jude's favorite part is a small music area where he can play the chimes and xylophone. It's just a colorful and happy park.

This is where we went today for the official celebration of the holiday. It was very hot (over 90 degrees) but we made it an hour and had fun!

2. Go on a nature walk (crawl)

Jude loves dirt. He likes feeling it, picking it up, and occasionally tasting it. I like to nature this interest by going on nature walks with him. He's not quite walking yet, so I will walk with him and let him crawl around in a safe-ish area.

Our favorite place to visit nature is the Highfield Discovery Garden at Glenwood Gardens in Sharonville. They have a lot of fun little areas to crawl around in. It's home to many plants that Jude loves to look at and (gently) touch. There's also a little trail that has a fairy garden on it. It's a truly magical place.

3. Play in our backyard.

It feels like an odd thing to put as a favorite place in Cincinnati, but we have such a good backyard. It's shaded by four giant trees. There's a huge green space and a great hill to zoom down on with Cozy Coupes or bikes. We set up water tables and slides in the grass. It's also connected to Blue Rock Park to extend the fun.

4. Go to a splash pad.

There's a lot of great splash pads in Cincinnati. Our favorite is Breezy Point at Woodland Mounds in Anderson. Other than all the usual fun splash pad things, it notably has a small child area that is shaded and has smaller fountains for the younger crowd to enjoy. Jude loves splashing in the little fountains, and I love not having to worry that he's going to get run over by a larger kid.

5. Go to the zoo

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens is a great place to visit with children of all ages. I like it for Jude because he is able to see a variety of animals from the safety of his carrier. There's also a children's area with a small petting zoo. We also have Fiona the hippo, which clearly makes Cincinnati the best zoo!

Those are just a few of the many things we have found in Cincinnati to do outside. If you are not local to us, a quick search should pull up many splash pads, public gardens, parks, and zoos in your area.

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