Friday, May 10, 2019

365: Public Garden Day

May 10 is Public Garden Day. Public Garden Day is a day that promotes awareness to public gardens, zoos, botanical gardens, or historic gardens.
When I originally decided to celebrate the day, I could only really think of Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. We visit that all time, and after a quick google search, I found that we actually have quite a few public gardens around town. We went to Hauck Botanical Gardens in the Coryville area of Cincinnati.
The Hauck Botanical Gardens was tucked away seemingly out of nowhere. We passed a White Castle and then all of a sudden we were in a beautiful garden. There was a children's garden section of the gardens. We were able to let Jude explore a little bit. Each plant was labeled, so we were able to tell Jude what each plant was. The grounds had a lot of informative signs that were interactive and open-ended in nature. They were good to spark conversation about our surroundings.
We are looking forward to exploring some other public gardens this summer! If you aren't sure where your nearest public garden is, I would urge you to find out! You might be surprised how close it is to you!

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