Saturday, May 4, 2019

365: K.I.N.D Day

May 4 is K.I.N.D. Day. K.I.N.D. stands for Kid in Need of Diapers. It is a holiday dedicated to random acts of kindness in the form of purchasing diapers for a family that could maybe use some extra help with diapers.
Diapers are terribly expensive. Any parent knows that. We know a lot of babies, but the first family that came to mind is some of our sweet family members. Jude's second cousin was born 3 months premature and has recently got to go home from the NICU (yay, D!). We thought it might be nice to get a box of diapers and drop them off with them! Kelli, my sister-in-law also bought a box, so we were able to get two boxes to Baby D!
D is still too small for visitors, but we had the opportunity to meet him through the window when we dropped off the diapers. He is tiny and sweet, and we are so in love with him already!

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