Wednesday, May 1, 2019

365: Global Love Day

May 1 is Global Love Day. Global Love Day is a holiday that began in 2004. For more information about Global Love Day visit The Love Foundation.
We are all about love, so we did a couple different things to spread love today. We passed out leis and we passed out little gifts for Jude's friends at tumbling.
Other than being Global Love Day, it is also lei day. I thought it would be fun to mix the two, so I got a pack of leis and printed some of the Global Love Day flyers. We stopped by some of our family members and friend's houses to spread a little extra love to some of our favorite people.
We dropped some off with our neighbor for her grand babies. We gave some to HahHah and her friends down at Xavier. We had some family visit the house. There was so much love.
Wednesdays are Baby Bees tumbling days. We see a lot of the same babies week after week, so this was the perfect day to spread a little extra love to some friends. Shakers are a hot commodity for the Baby Bees. We picked some shaker eggs to wrap up and give to our friends. Each bag had a little paper explaining what Global Love Day is and how we were trying to spread the love.

I jump at the chance to work with Jude when it comes to spreading love and acceptance, and I am glad there are days like Global Love Day that give me the platform to do that!

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