Sunday, April 21, 2019

365: Decorating Month

April is Decorating Month, so for April 20th, we decided to decorate some Easter eggs.

I pride myself in my willingness to let Jude try to do things that aren't necessarily in his age level's skill set. The process of Easter egg dyeing is definitely not made with an 11 month old in mind, but we gave it a try anyway. We tried two different methods.
Method #1: Whisk Dye
Put a dye cup down and let the child put a whisk with an egg in it into the cup.
The Good: The baby is able to put the Easter egg in the dye themselves. The whisk does a great job of protecting the egg, so even when Jude was swinging it around, the egg was pretty well protected.
The Bad: There is a cup of dye just begging to be dumped over.
The Ugly: The baby's tiny fingers are perfect sized to reach in and crack the egg shell with their sharp talons.
Method #2: Ziplock Bag Dye
Put a little bit of dye inside of a gallon sized ziplock baggie. Put an egg inside, seal the bag, and let the baby move the dye around.
The Good: The baby can't spill the dye.
The Bad: It's less of a creative process for them (in my opinion) because they can't control how many times they dip.
The Ugly: Nothing really.

I would recommend the Ziplock bag for babies under one, but if you have a toddler who knows not to dump out and entire container of liquid, the whisk dye is definitely more fun!

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