Monday, April 15, 2019

365: ASL Day

April 15 is American Sign Language (ASL) Day. We at Chicka Chicka Mama love sign language. In fact, the only screen time Jude gets is to watch Baby Signing Time. We were very excited to celebrate the day.
Jude and Q watched Baby Signing Time to celebrate the day. We watched a little bit of each episode. Katie and I signed along with the show to help reenforce it. If you haven't checked out Signing Time, it's worth looking at.
Q is 16 months and knows seven signs (more, eat, water, cracker, milk, up, all done). Jude currently just knows one sign consistently (milk), but he's starting to inconsistently sign water and drink. Baby Signing Time has been really helpful in teaching the signs.
Jude signs milk when he's ready to nurse. His face lights up when Jay or I notice his needs and give him what he is asking for. We are going to continue signing with him (as well as speaking) to help boost his communication skills!

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