Wednesday, March 20, 2019

365: World Storytelling Day

March 20 is World Storytelling Day. The purpose of World Storytelling Day is to honor the art of oral storytelling. The hope is that people all over the world will tell stories to people in their own languages all on the same day.

This year's theme is Myths, Legends, and Epics. I sat Jude down before his nap and told him a story. I cannot repeat exactly what it was because I made it up as I went. It seemed the most authentic to the day to do that. The story did involve a brave knight named Jude Christopher. He saved sweet Princess Everleigh from the evil dragon Persephone.

Jude seemed a little confused as to why I was talking so much in the same rhythm that I read books, but he settled in after a while and started playing in his dollhouse while he listened. He would turn every so often when my voice raised for intense moments and then he would go back to playing.

It was fun to tell Jude a story like this. It was also nice to flex my creative muscles to make up the story. I am looking forward to the day when Jude can tell me his own story for Storytelling Day!

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