Friday, March 22, 2019

365: Gryffindor Day

March 22 is Gryffindor Day. We didn't celebrate the first two Harry Potter house days (March 20 was Hufflepuff Day and March 21 was Slytherin Day) because I decided to focus on Jay's house (Gryffindor) and my house (Ravenclaw).

Gryffindors are brave and adventurous. So, to celebrate, we went on an adventure to all new places today. It's Friday, so we had our trusty Hufflepuff Aunt HahHah to adventure with us.

We went to a couple new places:

1. Frida 602

This is a hip little Mexican restaurant in the heart of Covington, KY. Jude ate some rice, steak, and chips.
2. Totter's Ottersville

Totter's Ottersville is a children's play place in Covington. Jude flexed his best Gryffindor traits and was very adventurous. He made a couple of baby friends in the baby area. He crawled around independently. He stood at a train table and played, and he met a bunny!
3. Zip City

We dropped off HahHah and grabbed Dad and went to Zip City for a birthday party. Jude got to go on a trampoline for the first time. He loved it and crawled all around it. He giggled when he bounced up and down. It was precious.

We hope everyone channeled their inner-Gryffindor today and adventured!

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