Saturday, March 2, 2019

365: Dr. Seuss Day

March 2 is Dr. Seuss Day which is also paired with Read Across America Day. It is celebrated sometimes on the nearest school day to March 2, but we decided to celebrate it on Dr. Seuss's birthday. We had a dinner planned with the family, so we got to do some Dr. Seuss activities with the Cousin Crew.
Jay graciously read the children a few Dr. Seuss books. Specifically, he read Oh, The Places You'll Go and One Fish, Two Fish. Trying to wrangle 5 kids after dinner to sit and read a book is next to impossible, so Jay read to whomever would listen.
We did a small craft after. I found Dr. Seuss frames here. I let the kids all color them. Jude needed a little more help than the others, but he is starting to finally mimic my motions when I show him how to color with the crayon. He has been making really good progress in the coloring department.
Finally, to put an educational spin on it, I set down cards in front of the kids that spelled their names (thank you, Target dollar section). The twins were most excited to see their names. Lincoln was able to get the letters for his name. Athena was able to identify the letters that I pulled. And sweet baby Jude, well he liked chewing on the cards, but we did talk through each letter. We hope everyone had a wacky Dr. Seuss Day!

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