Sunday, March 24, 2019

365: Craft Month

March is Craft Month. We celebrated craft month today because the only two holidays were tuberculosis day and chocolate raisin day.

We did a big sensory activity today that ended with a craft. It was all centered around giant water beads.

First, Jude explored the beads while they were inside of a ziploc bag. He squished them around a little, but he seemed uninterested after a moment.
The second thing I did was put a giant bowl of the beads out. I had plans to just keep a close eye on them so they didn't end up in his mouth, but as it turns out, the beads were too slippery for his little hand to grasp. I just let him have fun after I set them out. He loved shoving his hands to the bottom, pulling them out, and squealing.
I gave him the whisk from a recent activity and Jude had such a great time smashing it into the beads.  A few ended up getting stuck, so he explored them close up. It was pretty magical to see him experience them that close.

We needed to do a craft to celebrate the day, so I made a really simple mess free craft with the beads for Jude.

1. gallon sized ziploc
2. giant water beads
3. watercolor paper
4. liquid watercolor

1. Put watercolor paper in the ziploc (I cut the top off to make it fit)
2. Squirt the desired watercolors into the bag (just a little squirt is fine)
3. Put the water beads in and reseal
4. Give to child to shake around, step on, smack, whatever.
5. Pull painting out to dry.
I also modified it for myself and squirted a little liquid watercolor on a paper in a box and rolled the beads around. A larger box would have yielded a better result, but it was fun for me. It might be a fun activity for older kids.

To conclude, buy large water beads. They are a lot of fun for babies, kids, and adults!

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