Tuesday, March 5, 2019

365: Cheese Puff Day

March 5 is Cheese Puff Day. Just eating cheese puffs is boring, so we went with a little leveled activity. Tuesday is Cousin Crew day, so I wanted to create an activity that was fun and challenging for all of the kids (9 months, 2 years, and 5 years).
For Jude, I took a shoebox box with toothpicks sticking up, and I stuck cheese puffs on the toothpicks and had Jude use his pincer grasp to grab the cheese puffs. He most enjoyed that he was able to eat them after. Jude is all about his hard work being rewarded with a nice snack. For safety, I used hot glue to keep the toothpicks on the box so they didn't end up in his mouth. He tested the waters with the points of the toothpicks but moved on when he realized they weren't the interesting.
I did the opposite for the twins. Instead of having them pull the cheese puffs off, I had them put the cheese puffs on the toothpicks. I thought it would be a little extra fun for the toothpicks to spell out their names, so Sean got a Sean box and Jake got a Jake box.
I knew Athena would not be challenged by littles activities, so I gave him a small bowl of toothpicks and a bowl of cheese puffs and gave her free range to create. She snacked on a few, and then we sat together and started building. She made a couple sailboats!
I enjoy leveled activities like this. I am glad that now as Jude grows older, we have three different cheese puff activities he can be challenged by.

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