Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Step by Step: Model Magic Clay Race Activity

During our play session about diversity, we did an activity to show how despite color, we are all similar on the inside. Here is a step by step if you would like to do the activity. 

Step 1: Take a white chunk of model magic and let the child explore the clay. Encourage them to smell, feel, and look at the clay. If they would like to play with it for a minute, give the time to explore it in that way. Then instruct them to fill the paper out. If the child is too young, an adult or older child can write for them. 
Step 2: Take the model magic and fold in food coloring.

 (Pro Tip: Use gloves)
Step 3: Let the child explore the dyed model magic in the same way that they explored the white model magic. Have them feel, smell, and look at it. Fill the second part of the paper out.
Step 4: Finish by talking through the bottom two questions. Specifically with younger children, the last question should be a conversation before they answer. We talked to them about how skin color can be different in people and then talked about how the different color of dough was similar. 

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