Monday, December 30, 2019

365: Bacon Day

December 30 is Bacon Day. I feel like in our 365 holiday journey that we are too far to just cook something and call it a good celebration of the holiday. Instead, we used our brains and our imaginations, and Jude made bacon in his play kitchen.
Jude's pretend play kitchen/Fresh Mart area is probably my favorite part of the whole play room. Recently, he has been playing in it a lot more, and I love to see his creations! We had two phases of bacon interaction today.
First, Jude and HahHah cooked some wooden bacon. They practiced the sound bacon would make in the pan. They worked on the flipping motion. We talked about kitchen safety (never touch a hot burner or pan!). Jude ultimately decide that the best way to heat it was by putting it in the microwave.
We also took that cooked bacon, and Jude added it to his smoothies. Santa brought Jude this Melissa and Doug Smoothie Maker Blender Set, and it has been one of his favorite toys since. He spent 45 minutes yesterday just moving the fruit from the cup to the blender and back. It's been a hit. To add to the pretend play, HahHah sat down and ordered a smoothie from Jude, and he made it to order for her. She used her manners. She paid him. It was an adorable sight to see.
Pretend play is so important developmentally and playing kitchen is a universally understood form of play for all ages. Give a mixed age group a pot and some spoons and ask them to make pretend soup, and they will work together to make something great. It's universal, cooperative, and a whole lot of fun!

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