Tuesday, September 24, 2019

365: International Week of Happiness at Work

September 24 is part of the International Week of Happiness at Work. We celebrated by going above and beyond to have fun at my work: anywhere Jude is.
We started the day at tumbling. While that was fun, it wasn't out of the ordinary fun. Jude climbed, bounced, and chased bubbles. It didn't feel like enough to call a celebration.
Because of that, we went to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens with Katie and Q. Jude and Q zipped around making animal noises, sharing snacks, and giggling on trains. There were a few disagreements, but they also held hands unprompted. They are both starting to be at an age where they enjoy hanging out together, and they are both able to actually play.
There were a couple highlights for Jude that I feel help show how happy Jude was today. The first was Jude in the goat pen. I told him goats go "bah" (they do, sort of). This prompted Jude to follow around a black goat for 15 minutes saying "BAH. BAH." at him. It was precious, and Jude was so happy. Jude also rode the Zoo Train for the first time today. We got to sit directly behind the motor unit and conductor and both Q and Jude smiled in pure joy every time that satisfying CHOO CHOO sound called out.
After the zoo, we took some time to see some friends that we hadn't seen in a while. Jude raced around in circles carrying a Mt. Dew can truly pleased to have free rein of the house. He also met a cat that tolerated his less than gentle petting.
We ended the day by putting together Jude's new train/lego table. It was a busy day! Work can be made fun wherever it is that you work. I feel exceptionally lucky though because my work involves the sweetest, silliest little boy around!

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