Monday, November 11, 2019

365: Origami Day

November 11 is Origami Day. Origami is the ancient art of paper folding, often associated with Japanese culture. 18 months is a little young to be doing full blown origami, but we decided to start dabbling in it with a play tray.
The play tray had three types of paper pieces in it. All of them were cardstock.

  1. Unfolded, cut paper
  2. Pre-folded. then unfolded paper
  3. Origami shapes (I made this and this during Jude's nap) 
The idea behind having each type was scaffolding the art of origami. Jude started by exploring the pre-folded paper because it was the easiest to fold. Then he moved onto the unfolded paper. Ultimately, he ended with the origami I made. The envelope had a special message in it, so I encouraged him to open it. 
The set up was extremely easy. Just collect the three types of paper pieces and offer them to your child and let them explore! For older children, you could offer instructions on how to make something easy. For younger, you can just offer them the paper and let them play around with it! 

365: Sesame Street Day

November 10 is Sesame Street Day. Sesame Street has taught a lot of really solid lessons throughout multiple decades. Today, we chose to focus on the idea of family. Sesame Street has taught that families come in all shapes and sizes, so we made certain today that we spent time together as a nuclear family. We also spent some time with our extended family.
Nonnie, Poppy, and Uncle Eric came over. Jude got to play and enjoy their company. We made sure to give them extra snuggles and love to show them how much they mean to us!

Saturday, November 9, 2019

365: Chaos Never Dies Day

November 9 is Chaos Never Dies Day. Lord knows that there is not a day as a parent without a little bit of chaos. Today did not disappoint and it was a doozy.
Jude has been a little sniffly the last few days because of some teething. This has made him exceptionally grumpy. I woke up with a cold. Sick mom plus teething toddler equals a quite chaotic day. There were a lot of tears. A lot of sniffles. And a lot of grumping. I wish I had more to say but the chaos and cold took it right out of me.
Here's to calmer days in the future.

Friday, November 8, 2019

365: Guinness World Record Day

November 8 is Guinness World Record Day. What better way to celebrate the holiday than to try to break some records?
Our big attempt is likely what will send people to this post. We are going to try to break the world record for most likes on a Facebook post. We know it can’t be completed today or even this year, but we are hoping that Jude’s cute little face will help us break it! The current record for likes on a Facebook post is 7,801,879. The post belongs to Vin Diesel, and while Vin Diesel is a stand up guy, we think the little dude in his profound cuteness can smash that record.
If you clicked on this from our, hopefully, high traffic post, hello! We are a play and parenting blog. Nice to meet you!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

365: Hug a Bear Day

November 7 is Hug a Bear Day. Not only did we hug a bear today, we hugged and carried Jude’s best friend, Winnie the Pooh, around all day.
Winnie the Pooh is Jude’s special stuffy. He got him as a special gift to take to Disney last August. At Magic Kingdom, we stood in line to meet Pooh and Tigger, and when we got up to them, Pooh Bear signed Jude’s Pooh Bear stuffy. It was a special moment and one of my favorites from the trip. Pooh lives in Jude’s crib, and he sleeps with Pooh every night. 

Our Adventures with Winnie the Pooh 

A cozy nap with a lot of big bear hug. 

An afternoon at Tinkergarten and enjoying some snuggle times with HahHah. 

A delicious Skyline lunch. 

A giraffe ride. 

A snuggly reading time with I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug by Caroline B. Cooney and Tim Warnes.

A peaceful bedtime with big hugs. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

365: Benjamin Bannerker Week

November 6 is part of Benjamin Banneker Week. During Benjamin Banneker Week many schools will pick one day to celebrate mathematics. It is normally celebrated by creating a 12-hour clock using mathematic equations or creating a mathematics poem based in the style of Benjamin Banneker.
I am self-admittedly not much of a math person, so we took our celebration a different way. A long while ago, I got this Melissa and Doug clock puzzle. To celebrate this holiday, I took it out and gave it to Jude for the first time.
We did the puzzle for a little bit. We also counted the numbers and moved the hands around. After Jude had his fill, I got a little creative (but not with math equations). I wrote things that Jude does every week on the back of the number in Sharpie. The idea is that every morning we will move the hands to two things that Jude will be doing that day. I included play in case there weren't two items that day. There are blank ones to add to in the future. I'm hoping this help Jude get a sense of his routine. I also really like that they can flip back to be the clock if that's what we are working on (all of them flipped correctly except for the 2). I love a good multipurpose toy!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

365: Election Day

November 5 is Election Day. We flexed our right to democracy and went to the polls!
This is Jude's third time at the polls (once in utero, once last November, and today), and this was definitely the hardest year with him. This is because Jude loves to run. He also likes to yell, and in a quiet voting room, that seems to be discouraged. Oh, and, he tried to unplug the machine that counts the ballots.
Despite these hurdles, Jude had an okay time. He did love the stickers he got. The women running the polls thought he was the sweetest thing, so they gave him an extra sticker. I also let him run around the halls of White Oak Middle (where we vote) to get some energy out.

Vote! Vote! Vote! It's your right!

Monday, November 4, 2019

365: Color the World Orange Day

November 4 is Color the World Orange Day. The day is dedicated to raising awareness for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It is a pain condition that mostly affects one limb. It is a rare disease that is often misunderstood. For most information about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Color the World Orange Day visit the Color the World Orange Day website.
While we do not know anyone personally affected by this disease, we wore orange to raise awareness. I am hoping by posting about it for today's holiday that we will raise awareness to more people as well!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

365: Zero Tasking Day

November 3 is Zero Tasking Day. The idea of the holiday is that when Daylight Savings Time goes into effect, you use the extra hour to relax and take care of yourself.
We didn't think an hour was enough, especially with a toddler who woke up at 5:00AM. We decided to spend the day relaxing. We read books. We built forts with the nugget. We snuggled. We only broke our relaxation to get family pictures and then returned to relax. Sometimes relaxing is the best way to spend a holiday.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

365: Play Outside Day

November 2 is Play Outside Day. Between Tinkergarten classes and a park basically in our backyard, we spend a lot of time playing outside.
According to Sanford Health, five of the benefits of playing outdoors are, [it]

1. Builds physically healthier children. 
2. Contributes to cognitive and social/emotional health. 
3. Improves sensory skills 
4. Increases attention span 
5. Happiness and better immunity. 

There’s a lot of great data-driven benefits to outdoor playing, so we spend as much time as we can in nature. 
We headed out to the backyard and the park today. It’s a little cooler than I had imagined, but that didn’t deter us too much. Jude climbed. He did some swinging. He kicked a soccer ball. And then, he just played around in the backyard for a while. Your outdoor play doesn’t have to be fancy to be beneficial!